He taught him pride and how to trust people and also got him to start playing football. It’s about Winston and how he can alibi Monty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Clay walks down the Liberty High hallways, he feels isolated, like everyone is talking about him. Guys, this is the romantic pairing I never knew I always wanted. “We told him everything,” Claire adds sadly. He feels guilty about letting Bryce drown after that horrible experience and wants to confess to the police about it, but not involving the rest. Run Time Directed by But Ian offered himself up for realsies, he tells Jamie. But “Dogface will stay in the village.”. Then, Alex falls overboard and falls unconscious into the lake. And my daughter doesna need a coward.” Is it any wonder that Rog decides he needs time to decide what to do? "Valentine's Day" Diehards (and I count myself among them) will be quick to point out that the episode did not fit in all of the good stuff that fills the end of Diana Gabaldon’s fourth Outlander novel, Drums of Autumn. He lived among the Mohawk, but when he led a scalping expedition one day, the elders booted him from the village. Why don’t Jamie and Roger get to bond/argue in the hut? When Phaedre and Lizzie bring the boy to his mother, Bree immediately is smitten. But all ends well: Bree has a son, “and we shall choose his birthday wisely,” Jocasta says, a sly nod to the kid’s technical bastard status. When she finds a clue, she reaches down to retrieve the prize but pulls her hand back to find maggots. “He said that the one who possesses the stone has the power to see how my people’s story will end, and that Otter Tooth’s ghost walks with whoever carries it,” the woman notes. When the football team returned to retrieve Clay from the hole they found him gone. Tyler asks Alex what happened between him and Winston, and Alex tells him the truth. Check out the previous Outlander recap here. He gets ready to climb out of the hole and makes his way back to camp. Tyler sighs dejectedly and Alex walks off. Fer good God’s sake, where’s the Gathering?! The next day, the seniors go out on a treasure hunt in pairs, with no phones but clue sheets to guide them. “Everything you are will be lost,” he warned, but they killed him. Seeing an opportunity, Claire again makes a bargain: Help them get Roger back, and the woman can have the stone. Season 4 guide for Camp Camp TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Justin thinks anyone of them could have done it, but that doesn’t mean they should fall apart because of that. The sender of the email is Clay, but he denies it was him so his account must’ve been hacked.

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