The basis for the story was there to tell of a gap in the Hobbit world of elves, men, and other creatures. I'm deeply impressed. There has been no response from Jackson himself. What was the motivation? The low budget and the restrained direction of Kate Madison leads to a surer, more creative style of filmmaking which suits Tolkien's writing far better. though its budget holds it back at points, its soul shines bright and is entirely present. Login required. I quite like the costumes and sets/settings. I think that considering it's a low-budget film made by without big-name backing it"s not bad at all. "We used it to dress our chief orc. Set near the end of the Third Age of Middle-earth. If I'm missing any please comment…. Having at least an 1920x1080 pixel background image that's good/decent quality on…. Completely our own material so that we can make some money and actually pay people. A production pulled together over four years with a budget of a mere £25,000 – about a tenth of one per cent of the cost of Jackson's epic – it has impressed critics and recorded close to a million views on video streaming sites. Post a Review / Analysis. At one point a giant troll, fully computer animated and blended in with real footage, lays waste to several members of the cast, before being brought down under a hail of arrows. Arathorn, his father, had not yet wed, but the small band of human settlers, trying to stay ahead of orc raiders, were under the protection of the rangers led by him, a mighty warrior and expert leader. It don't get no more Freudian than that! Add the first question. A fan film made and privately funded by enthusiasts of JRR Tolkien's LOTR, this prequel narrates the story of Arathorn, heir to Isildur's throne, and father of Aragorn, who would play a pivotal role in the Great War of the Third Age of Middle Earth. Be the first to rate it below! The hero's sword was designed in Ontario while severed fingers were made by a prosthetic artist in London. There are currently no user reviews for this film. A pair of Canadians used PayPal to send £500 each. Freida and her Fellowship set out to destroy the One Ring to avoid a marriage proposal. Acting, editing, script, costumes, sets,music, make-up--it's all in the professional category. Was this review helpful to you? That final scene looked rough. Born of Hope tells the story of Arathorn, the father of Viggo Mortensen's character in the Hollywood films. But it wasn't enough." Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Baby Aragorn Acting, editing, script, costumes, sets,music, make-up--it's all in the professional category. As long as you don't start flogging T-shirts or DVDs, the studio told Madison, we'll let it go. No URLs! 2009 Tom Lamont: Born of Hope, a Lord of the Rings prequel put together by hundreds of people working for nothing, has recorded nearly a million hits on video streaming sites "In my case it was a chance to wield a big sword.". But if your only experience of The Lord Of The Rings is the films and you're not a fantasy reader, you'll probably think the Orcs look lame and be really bored by it. Reblogged this on As a Matter of Fancy and commented: “I gave hope to the Dúnedain; I kept none for myself.” Amazing product for such a small budget. Although understandably far lacking in technical polish compared to the studio funded films, it is surprisingly heartfelt, well made and earnest. Morale was low: it was so cold water bottles froze solid during the night, and half the fight team had had to pull out to take paid work. You stayed close to the vision of Tolkien, and for that reason alone, I'm very grateful. It's an excellent film period, but it is especially impressive given that it is a fan film made on a low budget. Sit back and enjoy this epic-tale. But what about those little bits and pieces at the end of Return of the King, how many of us have read through those, fair enough its not a story, it goes into the lore of the story, the characters, those little bits and pieces we don’t really know reading the story.…. Struggling to balance the varied tasks of kitchen-table auteurship – directing and casting and location-scouting, but also staying up late to stir Lyle's Golden Syrup and mouthwash into fake blood, or building a medieval cart with pieces bought on eBay – Madison used the internet to "crowd source" assistance. Running Time: 71 min. Most of the acting is what you'd expect from this sort of thing, with somewhat wooden performances. But 'The Hunt for Gollum' was a lot better. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. ", "We stopped calling this a fan film a long time ago," says Madison, 31, who had previously directed fantasy shorts – one about the horsemen of the apocalypse meeting in a pub, another that spoofily spliced the concepts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Highlander – but never anything this long or ambitious. If you fall into the former category of fans, you'll undoubtedly be pleased by its overall faithfulness to Tolkienian lore, the excellent casting, above-average acting, true-to-Jackson costuming and surprising cinematography and scoring. The Underwater Realm & The Rise Of Crowdfunding Movies, Book-only characters from 'The Lord of the Rings'. But I feel like it has that sheen of being filmed on a 2000's digital camera instead of a professional camera. Some people had seen test footage and liked it. a good tolkien film, a good fan film, simply a good film. ■, A budget Lord of the Rings prequel put together by hundreds of people working for nothing has recorded nearly a million hits on video streaming sites. this film is entirely in the spirit of tolkien and lord of the rings. This list is for scripts or source material written or co-written by women. Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. Reply. That it is free to us is one of the greatest mathoms ever given, but I would gladly have paid to see this at the theater. As well as directing, Madison acted in the film (as a bewigged, sword-wielding ranger) and wrote the bulk of the script, in collaboration with a writer in Michigan. Overall Born of Hope is a good movie. This list is for movies, shorts, or mini-series directed or co-directed by women. Share. Reviews / Analyses cannot be changed once submitted - please post carefully! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. "Every shot of this film was made with love," wrote a reviewer in the national press, awarding the film four stars, "and it shows. Good show. Looking for some great streaming picks? Mobile site. There was creative borrowing (a baby was begged from a family out for a walk, to be plopped into shooting when a bundle of rags wasn't quite doing the trick). It's clear that you all have futures in the moving making industry if you want them. But mostly, the lack of funds was made up by volunteers, corralled in to give up hundreds of hours of their time. Highly recommended - and free to watch on the internet! Born of Hope Dave is back with his new video Born of Hope Film Review 2020. Directed by Kate Madison. I must say that I enjoyed it even more than The Hunt for Gollum (which was also very good). The only complaint I have is that I can't have the DVD in high def. There are epic battle sequences, pitting man and elf against orc and troll; there are stirring original orchestral scores; there are special effects; horses; severed heads; even a thrilling glimpse of the Tower of Mordor, where Jackson's trilogy has its climactic scenes. It was character driven, accurate and enjoyable. And there was a bit of corporate aid (Tesco donated a £10 food voucher; a local caterer sent a hamper full of chutneys and gherkins). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Born of Hope. very shallow, with actors that not even exercise the way of playing war with a sword, costume that are ironing, shine hairs like they just wash them with shampoo. Arathorn takes refugees to Taurdal, the village of his father, Arador. Film data from TMDb. And there's always her arrow fashioner in America, and the costume designer in Holland. You stayed close to the vision of Tolkien, and for that reason alone, I'm very grateful. How can you when it is only a fan-made independent film? Actually, I'm seriously so impressed by it. Every six months we might get a tenner if we were lucky. A scattered people, the descendants of storied sea-kings of the ancient West, struggle to survive in a lonely wilderness as a dark force relentlessly bends its will toward their destruction. I would think that wig tech would be there in 2000's, but I guess even in 2020, we have bad wigs in full budget movies. By November 2008, the film only half finished, Madison had plunged £8,000 of her savings into the production. A box of decorative chainmail came from a well-wisher in New Zealand. FAQ This fan-made film was obviously made with love for the material and a passion that clearly shines through. ( Log Out /  It's so nice to see that attention to the detail of Middle-earth's history. Tell the world what you think about Born of Hope. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Perhaps maybe one day.Kate and crew...great work! This FAQ is empty. Where friends get together to discuss ideas, share thoughts, and insights on books they are reading | "It was all done over email and Skype." Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Then as Arador begins his campaign against the gathering orc bands in the north, he sends Arathorn onward to find the motive behind these Orcs attacks. Change ). ", Having produced the most ambitious fan film to date by deploying this crafty method of open-source filmmaking, Madison plans to raise the stakes again with her next production. (as Robert 'Bobble' Harvey). Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. by TheWrap, Database & Search Engine by Stewart M. Clamen ©1993-2010, 144574, Canada, Inc. Partnership with D2C2: Digital Distribution Content & Commerce, May 30 ... George Floyd Protests in Los Angeles Declared an Unlawful Assembly After Clashes Between Protesters and Police, May 30 ... Jimmy Kimmel: Do We Really Want a President Who Intentionally Inflames Violence? As best as can be expected, the cinematography, acting , film score, location shooting, production design and storyline are all very well done.

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