you acting inspired me. Dong Yi, a series that I follow with great pleasure. It suits you a lot! – Kim Ji Won’s ideal type: Someone who makes sacrifices for their significant other. your fans Mar 04 2018 11:51 am Poll: Who owned BLACK SWAN’s TONIGHT era? One of the most versatile actors in korea. Poll: What are your favourite songs from SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon Special Album? One of the best dramas I have ever seen. He is my favorite actor! Ji Jin Hee membuat debut aktingnya dalam drama televisi  " Female Secretary " pada tahun 2000 dan telah membintangi banyak film dan drama. I think hot! Lahir pada tanggal 24 Juni 1971, ia bekerja sebagai fotografer di sebuah biro iklan ketika agen bakat mendekatinya tentang bekerja di dunia hiburan. JeffHee Jun 02 2012 10:50 am I'm from Puerto Rico and I love you. I like to see him in more period dramas. ?? :), Rawatan Medan Terapi MZ, Teluk Intan, Perak. phaik see Feb 21 2012 12:00 am He was obviously that in Take Care. 2017 KBS Drama Awards | Best Couple Award with Park Seo Joon (“Fight for My Way”) leonor reyes Oct 19 2017 7:57 pm @Dongwookieee, totally agreed! - Rife in KDramas are nepotistic, egotistic, and manical families. I couldn't believe him when I'm watching blood. I totally felt the genuine chemistry between you & Kim Hyun Joo in this drama. merhaba ji jin hee sizi çok seviyorum tüm filmleriniz beğenerek izliyorum. I'm Kinkini.My country is Sri Lanka. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups My fav actor ever ❤️. Oh well....I think tonight is the last episode & I will miss watching him. ji jin hee is really a very talented actor. Charismatic, handsome and excellect actor. Willsearch for your other dramas. Watched Dong yi and i like his portrayal. Colleen Feb 25 2014 7:38 pm I wish I could meet with you in Iran. Alicia Goh Aug 10 2009 6:10 am The two men won my sympathies. Contact Us. Yuilhage joh-eun, elena Apr 07 2011 6:49 am I think he is the best Korean actor in any kind of dramas or movies... Keep on doin' great job Jin Hee.. Fighting! The last two series that I watched are his newest ones: "Take care of us, captain" and "The great Seer". youR movie dong yi... mucH... HHJ Jun 23 2012 10:58 pm Lots of credit to your amazing acting skills because so diverse. Ji Jin hee merupakan pemeran utama dalam serial populer “Dong Yi“, selain itu beberapa orang juga mengenalnya lewat drama “Blood” dari KBS 2 tahun 2012 yang di bintangi juga oleh Ku Hye-Sun bersama Ahn Jae-Hyeon. He saw them all as human beings. Mr,Ji Jin Hee , Wish you happy new year!!! woah you are da best. Gap-dong (갑동이) | tvN / 2014 – Ma Ji Wool Thanks so much for the memories you've left me with ... teshini Nov 13 2013 11:03 pm in Theater and Film), Hobbies: Swimming, playing the piano and horseback riding, - 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor (Dong Yi), 2006 Baeksang Award: Best Actress for “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance”. Zodiac Sign: Libra W4GRB.average_rating[1]=89; When I see you in Jewel in the Palace...oh! Francine Jun 28 2014 9:15 am On February 20, 2011, She gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl, at a hospital in Seoul. That said, let me say what went wrong. Daebak! Denise May 12 2020 5:38 am he is a brilliant. Tara Apr 25 2019 6:19 pm Biodata Ji Jin Hee Pemeran dalam film Second To Last Love Ji Jin Hee adalah aktor Korea Selatan yang populer. Heebin was a great actress. No I'm looking forward for "I have a lover" Watching the trailer, with his boyish haircut, he looks far younger than before. I love the story and the characters were portrayed well. ...i really like him! Biodata Ji Jin Hee & Lee Young-Ae (Main Actor And Actress Jewel In The Palace) Ji Jin Hee & Lee Young-Ae. nat Dec 23 2011 9:29 pm I came to know him only by his drama Take care of us Captain. I wish to see u at least for a 1 time. I love u ji jin hee.. – Education: Dongguk University. next please! Superbly a rare find and what a beautiful find he is indeed! Wish you all the best. I am waiting for your beautiful new role....I love you Jin hee oppa...Good luck, aafagh Aug 20 2013 5:23 am I just can say you were incredibly wonderful in Dong Yi and of course in Dae Jang Geum. Ji Jin-Hee is sinply the best! violet of Monterey Jul 02 2013 1:00 pm Thank you so much for your acting. I love watching all the 3 of them i..e Jewel in the Palace, Dongyi and the great seers... sarah Dec 10 2019 3:42 am Arthdal Chronicles (아스달 연대기) | tvN / 2019 – Tan Ya hi jin hee.i very love you and i think that you are very kind.i can see it cleary. 궁전의 지진희와 카리스마 매우 잘 생긴 달콤한 진주, 난 당신을 알고, 그 날 내가 당신에게 팬을 사랑하는 이후 하드 팬의 너무 많은 당신을 사랑합니다. JJH needs to partnered up with better writers, and with leading ladies who are comparatively seasoned as he is. Such a glamorous actor! lol Has such a charming face! He was funny, charismatic, caring, non-judgemental who loved & cared 4 his people. jin hee sshi...chukataerimida...i used 2 call u min jeong ho since ur performance in 'jewel in the palace'...but i'd like 2 call you jiheonna... =) 2016 KBS Drama Awards | Best New Actress (“Descendants of the Sun”) Please continue to entertain us & stay healthy for a long time. Me gusta! The actor Ji Jin-hee appears on "Designated Survivor". the best hope 4 ur next character... Fight for My Way (쌈 마이웨이) | KBS2 / 2017 – Choi Ae Ra - The Korean redheads. yes , i know this a music for Howl's Moving Castle , this is Japanese animation movie , you will find a lot of videos for this music in youtube, dewiku Jan 17 2016 8:06 pm min jing ho is a caring, undrstanding , loving ,resposibility and sincererity.u r the best actor as min jing ho. – She is now currently under King Kong Entertainment. I really love your acting skill. My first korean actor crush. wish u can visit Indonesia,especially jakarta... Agnes May 26 2011 5:02 am The 1st episode was Emmy worthy. This drama educate and really inspire me. Like REALLY?? Yessiree, he's a great actor, I love to watch him in period drama, and he looks so handsome as King Sukjong! have watched dong yi and i've fallen in love with king sukjung,Mr jjh, hope u'll potray other epic series again in the future! Thank you. Loved his character in Dae Jang Geum. He is a very talented and handsome actor. I love watching I have a lover everyday. Deepa Thennakoon Jun 23 2013 11:18 pm sara Sep 02 2013 9:10 am

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