Is Obstacle Course Racing the next Olympic sport? Plus, beer will be flowing from our friends at Harpoon Brewery so be sure to snag one (or two) while you enjoy an awesome day outdoors! Many races are having to cancel or postpone events over the next few months. Each Rugged Maniac features at least twenty obstacles constructed by an experienced crew of licensed contractors. You won't get a private shower with hot water, but we'll have a public hose-off station with nice cold water for you after you run. In the festival, people are already riding the mechanical bull and playing beach volleyball (Rugged Maniac is definitely more than just a mud run), but you’re more interested in the stein-hoisting contest on the main stage. Endurance Races Agoge Peak Races Hurricane Heat Death Race. Topics covered include Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Mud Runs, American Ninja Warrior, Adventure Racing, Trail Running, Rucking, and more. © 2020 Spartan Race Inc. Teams are allowed, but team times are not recorded. USA OCR National Governing Body Announced by International Obstacle Sports Federation, Urban Trials Talks BattleFrog Social Media Acquisition, Technology in Racing and…, Meet New Spartan Race Director of Social Marketing, A. Yepez. But as much as we're all for eating and drinking and being merry, we're still Spartans, and that means there are no days off. Mud and Adventure | Outdoor Active Adventures Begin Here. Please see our obstacle course race discount & promotion page for all the latest discounts, promos, promotions, discount codes, and coupon codes for Kansas City Missouri Rugged Maniac 2020. There's absolutely nothing like it. Obstacle races and mud runs can be a dangerous sport - you assume all liability and responsibility for events you participant in. This gives you enough time to park, stretch, hydrate, check-in, etc. The festival and games are completely FREE, no ticket required, so even your least adventurous friends can join the party! You’ll climb over walls up to 12’ high, crawl through mud under barbed wire, slide down a 50’ water slide, jump over fire and face many other challenges all while running through a combination of forests, fields, motocross tracks and ski slopes!Here’s how it works: Register for the race and you’ll get a chance to run our 3-mile course where you’ll climb towers of shipping containers, rocket down a massive water slide, crawl through underground tunnels, leap over fire and experience some BIG new obstacles (trampolines?!)! Mud Run Guide is here to help you with getting prepared for your first or fiftieth obstacle race or mud run. The Spartan Race Workout in Kansas City 4.6.14 Set to Rise Against's Re-Education (Through Labor) If you miss your start time and the race is a sellout, you won't be able to run. There also may be one listed at the top of this page. European Obstacle Sports Federation Created. You make a note to sign up for that and the pie-eating contest after you run. © All rights Reserved. Check out Mud Run Guide's free resource to find the training & coaching you need! User-generated reviews of thousands of obstacle course races and mud runs worldwide. OCR Pro and Children’s Author Amy Pajcic, Rocker Bottom Meets Rock ‘N Roll: MBT Goes High Tech, Ready to Rock: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Introduces Safe Return to Running Guidelines, "An Epic Day of Rugged Glory", Nationwide locations. Starts at 9:00am, ends at 3:00pm, 3.1 milesMost people finish within 30 to 60 minutes, Click here to read or add your own Kansas City Missouri Rugged Maniac 2020 reviews, Use discount code MRG20 for $5 off your registration. Run in the first wave if you want to measure yourself up!Barefoot running is allowed, but you assume the risk of any injuriesRacers must be at least 14 years old.Please arrive at least 1.5 hours before your wave starts. A map of gyms & boxes that provide OCR (obstacle course racing) training and permanent obstacle courses that can be used around the year! Spartan Races Stadion City Sprint Super Beast Ultra Passes Obstacles Trifecta. ), *By entering my email address, I agree to the terms and policy. Our 3-mile course packed with 20+ epic obstacles designed to both challenge and thrill Maniacs of all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to marathoners. If there is any difference in information between Mud Run Guide and an organizer's website, assume the information on the event organizer's website is correct. The 5,000-person party starts at 8:30 a.m. with a DJ on the main stage, booths giving away free stuff, all kinds of interactive games (mechanical bulls, dance-offs, stein-hoisting, pie-eating…), and tasty food and beer to keep you fueled all day. Organizers can change the event date, add or remove waves, or make any other change without providing notice to us, which might result in our information being out of date. It can often be hard to know where to start when it comes to training and coaching. Mud & Adventure brings you all the latest news, interviews, videos, and podcasts. Safety Standards Heading to Obstacle Course Racing? You should always refer to the event organizer's website for the most up to date information. Start wave time changes are allowed if the desired wave is not sold out. Dirty Girl Mud Run Shifts Focus to Women’s Getaway Events, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Returning to NBC with New Hosts, Run. Use our, Important update. Search, view, and add your own! We take a look at some of the amazing members of our community and profile them each week. See all upcoming events at the bottom of the page. Mud Run Guide proudly introduces Badass Women of OCR where we profile some of the amazing women conquering races all over the globe, 1 Snow Creek Drive, Weston, MO, United States, Waves of up to 200 participants will start at each wave. (It’s easier than you think! All racers are timed individually. Not even on Super Bowl Sunday. Every. Just too much offense. Established in 2012, our focus is to provide you with the best events, discounts, news, reviews, gear, and training for the sport of OCR. What more could you possibly ask for? The course opens at 9 a.m. but you’ll select a specific time to run when you buy your tickets. Kansas City Spartan Race. If you’re a late sleeper, that means you can wake up at noon, run at 1:45 p.m., and then party the rest of the day! Free! Some events, products, and links on this website are affiliate partners and Mud Run Guide may receive a commission for you clicking on the links or registering for events. Average rating: 4.76 / 5 from 1898 reviews. Day. What does the Spartan Super Bowl Challenge entail? As you step out you notice the people around you admiring your group’s coordinated “Avengers-in-bathing-suits” costumes and your on-point Hulk-green body paint. Rugged Races LLC does not guarantee that the course will be free of sharp objects, including rocks, splinters, pinecones, glass, nails, knives, swords, chainsaws or anything else whatsoever.Water obstacles are no more than 4 feet deepYou're free to go around any obstacles you can't get over or don't want to do, but you won't be eligible to win based on imeRugged Maniac no longers offers official timing at their event.

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