neat (straight)- alcohol served at room temperature with nothing added to it. What is typically used when a drink is ordered without a brand name (rum & coke, gin & tonic, etc.). splash– a small amount (usually a quarter ounce or less) of a liquid added to a drink. well (drink or liquor)- the lesser brand/lesser known liquor behind the bar and the drinks made with this liquor. Generally the cheapest alcohol and often an off-brand. a B-52 shooter contains Kahlua, Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. It is vast and almost no one knows all the terminology. box– pouring the ingredients of a mixed drink into a shaker once (without shaking or stirring the mixture) and then pouring it into a glass to be served. (The Basics Of Cocktails). A bartender is a person who mixes, pours, and serves drinks from behind a bar. (e.g. Generally the best quality of a particular liquor that a bar carries. Bar Spoon. Kahlua is heavier than Irish Cream which is heavier than GM so each one floats on the other. There are many terms I have left out, including those specific to liquors, wines, and beers. . call (drink or liquor)- a liquor that a person asks for by name and the drink with which that liquor is made (Barcardi & Coke, Tanqueray & tonic, etc.). back (or chaser)- a small glass of liquid (water, sprite, pineapple juice, etc.) -Refers to a drink which is shaken in a shaker and strained into a glass, To drain the liquid out of the shaker tin, A sweetened drink of liquid and hot water, often with spices and served in a tall glass. on your NEXT SHIFT. The College Bartender is a student between the ages of 17-21 working at a college bar looking to pay off a bit of their tuition or to line their pockets with a few hundred dollars each week. Neither the brand of liquor or brand of mix is mentioned. build– the act of making a drink ingredient by ingredient in the order that is required by the recipe. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, can put you I have listed the main terms with which all bartenders need to be familiar. Bartender Vocabulary. Click here to get your free copy of my e-book: ( Log Out /  Smirnoff Ice, Wild Berry Cooler, Mike's Hard Lemonade), A few drops or a very small amount of ingredient, Adding olive juice to a martini (the more olive juice, the dirtier the martini), twice the amount of alcohol poured into a regular sized glass with less mixer than usual, -when one alcohol sits on top of another in a shooter glass. I’ve also left out the names of bar tools and bar glasses, all of which I will cover in future posts. These phrases will be very useful if you work as a bartender. Gravity. The bartender at a bar mitzvah may spend hours putting little paper umbrellas in Shirley Temples for the young guests. Flashcards. Like in most fields, bartending has its own vocabulary. These terms, however, will get you started in understanding the language of a bartender. double– twice the amount of alcohol in a single drink. It's free and takes five seconds. STUDY. christina5296. on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement. virgin– a drink without alcohol. Often confused with “straight”, “straight up”, and “neat”. It’s a good place to be social and have fun. stir– moving an object – typically a spoon – around in a drink to combine the ingredients. ( Log Out /  up– served in a stemmed glass. to make a drink (start with ice then "build" drink using other ingredient, A long mixing spoon which often has a lemon zester or something similar on the other end, a herbal alcohol blend thats added to other cocktails to enhance flavor (Angostura Bitter is the most popular brand), -To mix up ingredients and ice in a blender, -properly cleaning your station at the end of your shift, -customer gives specific name of liquor and mixer, -Anything consumed quickly after a shooter or straight (neat) shot of alcohol, -To chill a glass add ice and then water to any glass and let it sit for a min or 2 while mixing the drink, A mix of alcohol and or liqueurs combine with a mixer (often shaken), An alcoholic-based bottled beverage offered in a variety of different alcohols- vodka, rum, wine- different flavors (Ex.

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