Ready to take on the challenge and follow in the tire tracks of the fearless "Dragon Masters”? Locally known as Catfish Pond, this 600 acre park has roughly 60+ miles of trails that form long loops. It’s 469 miles of winding road that spans in the Virginia countryside before heading down south into the Great Smoky Mountain of North Carolina. In the middle of the route you will ride through the George Washington National Park and the Monongahela National Park. Straight, hilly, forested, crooked, curvy, with some serious heart-pounding challenges like tight turns and dramatic switchbacks - Virginia motorcycle routes offer a variation of easy to technical riding experiences. This suburban rail-trail is located just outside of Washington D.C, near Leesburg. Get onto I-495 northbound then take exit 43, and you’ll transition from the scenic state road to the GW Parkway. The road is well maintained with many tricky curves, tunnels and stretches of road hanging off the mountain. The state is criss-crossed with a plethora of scenic routes and historic roads which wind from New Castle through the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest with magnificent views of the Appalachian mountains and the vast expanse of the Atlantic along the way. The pavement here is in great condition and smooth. GW Parkway offers scenic views of the Potomac River as well as incredible woodland scenes. Motorcycle rider's menu of scenery will include the Appalachian mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, and 112 miles of Atlantic coastline. Restaurants and overnight accommodations are available from spring through the fall. What are some of your favorite bike routes in Virginia? Thank you! Starting in Staunton, VA and ending in Elkins, WV, this route will take you up and down the hilly terrain on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Travel along Skyline Drive is relaxing with a speed limit of 35 mph and it takes about three hours of riding time from beginning to end. The route also leads to several incredible waterfalls such as South River Falls in Stanardsville and Dark Hollow Falls in Luray. 100 years later, the trail became disused due to more efficient means of transportation. As you ride, you’ll find some rest stops as well as gift shops and country restaurants all serving good food. But if you stop to admire the scenery and hit all the interesting sites and museums in Staunton, it could easily take up an entire day. You can start your journey from the north, at the upper half of the parkway. Must-stop spots include Peaks of Otter, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and Mabry Mill, which is the most photographed site on the Parkway. The historic Skyline Drive is 135 miles of winding roadway along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s ample wildlife watching, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, world-class fishing and kayaking - all adding up to an unforgettable riding adventure. Lexington's Chessie Nature Trail is a beautiful pathway that follows the markers of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad which used to run there. For those of you who love seeing the world on two wheels, these trails are a must visit. But if you really want to take in all the natural splendor or engage in outdoor activities, plan on taking more time to make the ride. The Trail shares a portion of its route with the East Coast Greenway, which spans from Florida to Maine. She holds a degree in English Literature and one of her short stories has been featured in the Shenandoah Review. We’ve got all the details below, so just remember to pack some water and snacks – and don’t forget your helmet! This private campground offers 31 miles of ATV trails, an enduro track plus a 110 acre lake with boating and fishing access. Memorable sights and exciting adventures are around every turn in the road. Most begin the trek in Abingdon, where there is a parking lot as well as a display of one of the old locomotives. If you're parking at the southern end of the trail, it may be easiest to use the downtown parking garages in Shirlington. Riding over the bridge, you may feel like you're flying as you peer below and see all of the tree tops. Be sure to let us know! For northbound travelers, the parkway begins 10 miles from I-95, US Route 1 (exit 161). Overlooks and picnic areas dot the parkway’s length, providing places to stop and admire the lush vegetation and a rolling landscape it passes through. The motorcycle rides we have highlighted here offer just a small sample of the wonderful variety you’ll experience on scenic and historic Virginia roads. Primarily located in Northern Virginia, the George Washington Memorial Parkway is a 25-mile scenic road that serves as a gateway to the nation’s capital. Here Are The 9 Most Beautiful Bike Trails In Virginia. You'll want to take the time to plan this trip well, because there are many natural wonders and detours to see along the way. Password: A rollercoaster of a mountain road, Route 250 is one of the most challenging motorcycle rides.

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